About us

Founded by Bruno Mura in 1971, the Art Hotel Califfo immediately stood out as the favourite destination in Southern Sardinia for many artists

This didn’t happen by chance: before the Hotel, the “da Bruno” restaurant, located in Cagliari in the Marina district, was known for being regularly frequented not only by Cagliari football players, including Gigi Riva (as can be seen from a nice article you can read here: “Quelle pescate con Gigi Riva_by Giorgio Ariu”), but also by a series of artists, some of whom would soon become very well known inside and outside the borders of Sardinia. 

It’s with immense pleasure and pride that we recall some of these talents: Matteo Discepolo, Libero Meledina, Raugi, Guerrera, Cano, Mele, Spada, Nonnis, and also the very famous Aligi Sassu. Each of these artists, in addition to an indelible memory, has left one or more works.

Art Hotel

Thanks to tireless cataloguing and appraisal work carried out over many years by the founder Bruno Mura and his son Fausto, many of these works of art can now be admired in every corner, every room and every internal or external space of the Art Hotel Califfo. 

It’s also thanks to this particularly artistic influence that, at the beginning of the 1990s, the Hotel was chosen to play host to the International Competition “Fare arte in Sardegna” (Making art in Sardinia). An important recognition, following which you can now admire some of the works which were involved in the Competition, on stone, wood and canvas, which are still on display here. 

Over the years, the Art Hotel Califfo has become a true Art Gallery, and masterpieces both small and large are scattered throughout its halls, its corridors, its rooms. Memories of a past of many Sardinian artists, from the 1950s to the present day, who are still here, visible and pulsating

hotel califfo quartu sant elena cagliari sardinia hotel museum
hotel califfo quartu sant elena cagliari sardinia hotel museum

The works of the Art Hotel Califfo

Why choose us


Strategic position

We’re a short distance from the centre of Cagliari, close to both the port and the airport.

The building is located on the road which leads to renowned locations in southern Sardinia such as Villasimius and Costa Rei, as well as the most fascinating beaches in the area.

The hotel is conveniently connected thanks to the nearby bus stop.

You’ll also find a pharmacy, a supermarket and many other conveniences right in front of the property.


Tailor-made accommodations

Our rooms offer breathtaking sea views and come with a private balcony, allowing you to fully enjoy the view. In addition, the four-bed Junior Suites guarantee spacious and luxurious comfort for your stay.

If you prefer more independence, we offer you our mini apartments in the residence. These units come with a fully equipped kitchenette, giving you the flexibility to prepare meals at your convenience.

We’re happy to offer you personalised quotes, so we can meet your needs as best as possible. We also have fully equipped event rooms, ideal for conferences, congresses and unforgettable weddings. We’ll be happy to help you organise your special event.


Services and conveniences

We offer free parking, perfectly suitable for coaches, cars and motorbikes, ensuring convenience and tranquility throughout your stay.

Our restaurant and function room are the perfect place to whet your appetite. We offer complete menus with varying specialities, all at extremely affordable prices.

For those looking for recreation and physical activity, our establishment has an inviting swimming pool and complete sports facilities for padel, tennis and beach volleyball matches. Here, fun and physical activity come together in a unique experience.

hotel califfo quartu sant elena cagliari services